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Aluminium Sliding Doors Enfield

Enhance the look and performance of an Enfield home with our range of high quality aluminium sliding doors.

Modern & Secure Door Solution

Aluminium sliding doors will create a stunning focal point for any home in the Enfield area. These doors are commonly installed at the back of a home, creating a seamless entrance between a home and a garden, patio or decking area.

Thanks to the high quality aluminium profile and state of the art steel rollers, even the triple glazed version of our sliding doors will remain lightweight and easy to handle. Enjoy a smooth performance for many years to come.

These aluminium sliding doors are made to measure, tailored to any architecture, personal preferences and existing double glazing. These designs are available in a broad array of colours,  finishes and configurations.

These aluminium sliding doors are suited to all sizes of property. They can be available in a range of configurations and panel types. Flood any room in a property with natural light without compromising on performance.


Key Features

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Acoustic Insulation

Enhanced Privacy

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Subtle Drainage

Seamless Design

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Glazing Options

Double Or Triple Glazing

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16 Colour Options

Bespoke Installation

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Slim Sightlines

Unobstructed Views

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PAS 24 Approved

Industry-Leading Security

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Range of Colours

10 year guarantee
Modern & Traditional Finishes
Long Life Cycle
Available from stock*
Low Term Performance

Gone are the days when our aluminium sliding doors were solely available in black or white. We offer a diverse selection of carefully curated colourways for you to choose from. These hues have been designed to be resistant to fading and flaking. They require minimal upkeep to maintain their fresh appearance.

Many of our colours are available from stock which means lower lead times.

2 pane sliding patio door

2 Pane

3 pane sliding patio door

3 Pane

3 pane sliding patio door

3 Pane

4 pane sliding patio door

4 Pane

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

These aluminium sliding doors are available with both double and triple glazing, which will provide a thermal barrier between your Enfield property and the outside world. These aluminium door installations can achieve impressively low U-values. When double glazed, they offer U-values of 1.11 W/m2K, and the triple glazed version can reach 0.81 W/m2K.

These modern aluminium sliding doors can help you maintain a consistently comfortable Enfield home without relying on your central heating.


Durable & Safe

Our sliding doors are crafted using aluminium because it’s one of the strongest materials available in the market. These aluminium sliding doors can withstand harsh weather conditions and impacts without becoming compromised. Unlike alternatives on the market, these aluminium doors will maintain their shape for many years to come.

These sliding doors require minimal upkeep to maintain their clean appearance. The colours we offer won’t crack or fade over time or with wear. These profiles simply need to be cleaned with a sponge or wet cloth to keep them looking as good as new for longer.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Enfield

Acoustic Insulation

If you live in a built up area or have disruptive neighbours, our aluminium sliding doors will be a fantastic investment for your Enfield home. Thanks to the double or triple glazing fitted as standard, these doors will suppress noise and help you maintain a peaceful and private environment.

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Slim Sightlines

Thanks to the inherent strength of aluminium, our sliding doors can be crafted using slim sightlines. Enjoy a sleek framework without compromising on the safety or thermal efficiency of an Enfield space. Create a door with an improved glazing to frame ratio, helping you enjoy a brighter and more welcoming space.

Improve the accessibility of a property by adding a low threshold to your new door. Create a smooth transition between a home and a garden, patio or decking area. These sturdy doors can sleekly roll open in summer and create a seamless traffic door.

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Are your aluminium sliding doors secure?

Yes!  For your peace of mind, our aluminium sliding doors are PAS 24 certified. They have undergone rigorous tests to ensure they can protect your property, prized possessions and your loved ones. This security is achieved via robust materials and modern manufacturing techniques. They are also available with an upgrade kit that contains a 12 point locking mechanism and anti lift device for market leading levels of security.

Deceuninck’s aluminium sliding doors have been designed and manufactured to meet all British standards for weatherproofing. They are also Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction (BUtgb), and ATG approvals, and have KOMO certificates issued by Kiwa and SKG. Feel confident in your home improvement project.

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