16 February 2024

Patio Doors: Our Product Range Explained 

<strong>Patio Doors: Our Product Range Explained </strong>

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At Patio Sliders by Deceuninck, we offer a multitude of patio door types to best suit all kinds of homes. Our collection includes uPVC and aluminium patio sliding doors in a vast array of unbeatable colours from stock. 

Learn more about each of our sliding patio doors, or find your local fabricator now. As a leading manufacturer, we can offer all of our installers swift lead times, especially on popular colours. 

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Slider 24

As one of the most advanced sliding doors on the market today, the Slider 24 uPVC patio door can enhance any modern home with powerful thermal performance, excellent security, and gorgeous colour schemes. 

The robust uPVC profile is designed to handle extreme loads, and its best-in-class weather performance, air, and water tightness are up to 3 times better than the competition. The thick 28mm double glazing and intelligently designed profiles allow these sliding patio doors to reach an A+ WER rating. There is also a 36mm triple glazed version available for those in need of the best in energy efficiency and sound insulation.

For homeowners with wheelchairs, pushchairs, or just lots of foot traffic, these sliding doors are also Document M compliant, which means they can come with a low threshold. 

Plus, with over 30+ colourways in stock, the Slider 24 uPVC sliding door can match any type of home aesthetic. The woodgrain foils are designed to be scratch-resistant and give that heritage feel while avoiding the difficulties of timber. 

Slider 24+

The Slider 24+ patio sliding door system is designed to provide excellent security. It has been tested rigorously to ensure it passes all PAS 24 guidelines so that homeowners can have total peace of mind. Additionally, Slider 24+ has a new sash interlock and (complete) ERA locking system, which meet the requirements of Approved Document Q and M. 

With all the benefits of Slider 24 and enhanced leading safety features, this uPVC patio sliding door system can be the best choice for the decisive homeowner in need of a colourful, easy-to-use, yet secure home upgrade. 

Decalu 163

The Decalu 163 system is our aluminium patio sliding doors. Aluminium is a highly robust yet lightweight material that can easily resist rusting. With steel liners and hidden polyamide thermal breaks, these aluminium patio doors can provide smooth performance and incredible energy efficiency. 

For a totally seamless aesthetic, the Decalu 163 lift & slide doors are compatible with all Decalu window series. Your customers can get a matching set of windows and doors that offer sleek and slimline views and incredible A+ energy efficiency. Just like the Slider 24+, our aluminium patio doors are also PAS 24 certified and can come with a lowered threshold. 

Our aluminium doors also come in a vast catalogue of robust and vibrant colours. Gone are the days of white, black, and grey; now, you can provide customers with some of the most popular colours on the market. 

If you’re a homeowner looking to receive our aluminium sliding doors for your next home improvement project, then use our free find an installer tool. With an inherently long lifespan and a 10-year guarantee, these doors can be purchased with full confidence in their performance. 

Why uPVC & Aluminium?

Deceuninck is paving the way towards a more sustainable future, and as part of that mission, we work diligently to ensure that our products are recyclable. Over the years, the recycling process for uPVC has come a long way, and we are capable of reusing much of our plastic materials to avoid creating plastic waste. 

Aluminium is also a highly recyclable material, which can simply be reforged into new shapes once the doors have reached the end of their long lifespan. Compared to timber patio doors, which could require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them fresh, secure, and weather resistant, aluminium patio doors and uPVC patio doors can last for decades with only occasional cleaning. 

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