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uPVC Sliding Doors Southampton

Deceuninck is a leading manufacturer and supplier of uPVC sliding doors. We supply to Southampton and nationally. Learn more or find an installer today.

Unrivalled uPVC Patio Doors

At Deceuninck, we like to make it easy to choose our uPVC sliding doors. Which is why we make sure that the Slider24 offers great thermal efficiency and security in any of our signature colours. Southampton homes can improve their kerb appeal with these new top of the line uPVC sliding doors.

Plus, we make sure to provide options to suit Southampton homes. Whether homeowners are looking for two, three, or four paned uPVC sliding doors, we can offer multiple configuration styles. To find out more, look through our brochures for more diagrams and technical information.

Deceuninck isn’t just any manufacturer. We’re a leading brand because we invest in our customers and in our business. Whether it’s researching customer favourites or offering leadership opportunities to our employees, we’re constantly trying to innovate and grow.

Choose Deceuninck. As a supplier we help our installers, and as a manufacturer we provide top quality products. We’re at the forefront of uPVC recycling, to reduce global waste. We make it easy.

Key Features

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Vibrant Colourways

30 colourways from stock

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Ultimate Security

Complete peace of mind

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Excellent Weather Ratings

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Best Energy Rating

A+ Rating (Double Glazed)

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Lowered Thresholds

Document M Compliant

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Pairs with Heritage 2800 Windows

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Add a Little Colour

Contemporary & Traditional Foils
10 year Guarantee
Matching Ancillaries, Trims and Accessories
Colourfast for Years
RAL Colours Available
30 Colours Available from Stock*

We’re a leader in colour and can offer lower lead times because of our state of the art machinery. With the Luna R, our cutting edge lamination technology, we can process over one million metres of linear product. You could say that we come recommended with flying colours.

We know what our Southampton customers want for their uPVC sliding doors. Whether you’re looking for a smooth Anthracite Grey, White Grain, or classic Rosewood, we have the answers. Look through our brochures for even more colour options.

Multiple Configurations Available

In order to give our Southampton customers the uPVC sliding doors that they’re looking for, we fabricate a wide range of sizes. We can offer sash sizes as small as 1500mm x 1750mm for our two paned doors. Or as large as 5900mm x 2400mm for our four paned doors.

Not to mention the configurations like choosing between a central slider or end slider for three paned doors. Or choosing a four paned door with a middle part. Make sure that uPVC sliding doors can match the property of your installation.

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Unbeatable uPVC Sliding Door Locks

With Deceuninck’s ‘Invincible’ lock, uPVC sliding doors are more secure than ever before. The Invincible comes with five times more metal than other locks and six high security pins for anti bumping, drilling and picking.

Additionally, all of our uPVC sliding doors come with a six point locking mechanism as standard. We have already met Kitemark and Secured by Design approval. However, homeowners can now choose our PAS 24 Upgrade Kit for a 12 point locking system and anti lift device.

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Fantastic Insulation

Winter heating bills can rise rapidly when homes have poor insulation. With Deceuninck’s uPVC sliding doors, we include state of the art insulation materials. Now, with our argon gas filled chamber design, homeowners can reduce heat transfer from the home.

Southampton homeowners can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K and a WER of A+. That’s incredibly strong insulation and much higher than government standards. Make sure to choose the energy-efficient option with these uPVC sliding doors.

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Why Choose Patio Sliders by Deceuninck?

Sliding Doors

Patio Sliders by Deceuninck offers innovative design and energy efficiency to guarantee long-life performance. We provide the greatest variety for every home with our wide spectrum of colours. With lasting designs and easily customisable doors, we create the best aesthetic choice for patio sliders. Plus, with extra security and configurations, we think you’ll love our stunning sliding doors as much as we do.

There are many reasons to choose Patio Sliders by Deceuninck. One of which is that we believe in creating an ethical brand and responsible company. It’s part of why we’ve won the RoSPA Award and earned the Investors In People Silver accreditation. We invest in our workers to ensure that they have learning opportunities so that we’re creating an environment of constant innovation.

That innovation shows. 2020 saw the construction industry faced with unprecedented circumstances, and our solution was investing in our new Luna R. This state of the art lamination machine makes it even easier for us to get the colours that you want. With lower lead times than ever before, Patio Sliders by Deceuninck overcame obstacles with flying colours. Nothing outperforms Deceuninck’s sliding doors.


How secure are uPVC sliding doors?

Our patio doors are extremely secure, as attested by our accreditations. Between Kitemark approval and Secured by Design accreditation, a police scheme to help design away crime, all of our doors have a high standard of security.

For homeowners looking for extra security, we offer our PAS 24 upgrade, which not only boasts a 12 point locking mechanism, it has been tested against hard impacts, crowbars, jemmying and more. These accreditations are part of why we’re so sure of our sliding door security.

No. uPVC is a material that is extremely resistant to household paints, and any attempt to paint patio doors could ruin the existing colour. Not to mention, painting the uPVC doors could void security warranties.

When you contact our team, we’ll connect you to a registered installer in Southampton. They’ll be able to offer you competitive prices for the Slider24.

If you’re in the trade find a fabricator near you. We have fabricators throughout the country, including the north, south, and midlands.

There are a few key indicators that patio doors need replacing:

• Condensation, or fogging up

• Draughts

• Loose weatherstripping

• Sticky doors that indicate the rollers have been damaged

It’s important to do regular maintenance on patio doors, like cleaning build up in the tracks or lubricating the tracks and locks. Homeowners will also need to make sure that they are using the appropriate powder to lubricate their locks.

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